Zuria Vega’s son will be able to wear his sister’s princess dresses, “in my family there is no judging”

In an interview for Cosmopolitan magazine, the Mexican film, theater and television actress White Vegastated that his goal as momthe thing is their children grow up fully and without gender rolesThis includes both his clothes and his toys. As a result of her marriage to Cuban actor Alberto Guerra, she is the mother of Rice medicine Luka.

The daughter of the late actor Gonzalo Vega and sister of the also histrionic Marimar Vega, wants her children to be able to choose everything that makes them happy, regardless of the circumstances. labels filed by society.

“It is important to us to educate our children without fear of being vulnerable, with access to emotions and feelings, also to let them know that it is worth expressing themselves and that they cannot be judged for it.”

The protagonist of telenovelas such as “My husband has a family” or “may God forgive you”, stressed that this can only be achieved by example, because she can say whatever, but if there is no equity in her house, “respect does not is essential and the opportunities are not equal, the message will not get through”.

Zuria Vega mentioned that in her home “roles do not exist.” Her children “see that mom and dad work equally and provide on par.” Also, she mentioned that if Luka wants to wear his sister Lúa’s dresses, there won’t be any problem.

If my son wanted to wear his sister’s princess dresses, well he does and that’s fine, in my family a two-year-old is not going to be judged because he wears a dress.

He added that in any other home, “it can be a sad reality.” Social network users have congratulated the actress originally from Mexico City, for the way she is educating her offspring.

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White Vega marriage with Alberto Vega (who we saw in series like “Ingobernable” and “Narcos: México”) in 2014; in the interview with Cosmopolitan, described her husband and children as her greatest loves. “If I believe that my children are my greatest love and together with Alberto, they are the best version of both of us on earth, it is something very beautiful.”

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