Youtuber Toni U launches as a singer with her production Yo soy

Mexico. Toni U, from Venezuela and who is an actress, TV host and Influencer, launches as a singer with the project of his first album I am.

Through a statement from the singer’s press office they share that her first album includes topics such as Feel my heart, Babi Boo and My decision.

A dream come true, this is how Toni U defines this great musical project in which she has her faith and wishes that the public who follows her as an actress and influencer will like it.

This musical material is produced Raziel and it has very danceable music, in addition to most of the songs talk about love and he hopes that his followers on social networks feel identified.

Toni U has been living in Mexico for several years and one of his many professional aspirations is to achieve recognition as a pop singer, so for months he has prepared to take the important step of debuting as a singer.

Instagram photo @yosoytoniu

“I’ve been living in Mexico for three and a half years here, where I decided to come to this beautiful country, rich in culture. I feel that Mexico is like the artist’s cradle, where they prepare and develop, that’s why I decided to launch myself as a singer in Aztec land”, expresses Toni U in the statement.

Toni U is 27 years old, she is a girl very well prepared artistically, since she studied music in her native Venezuela, at the Juan Manuel Olivares school.

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He also plays the violin, has done musical theater and in Mexico he has sung in different restaurants, where diners they enjoyed his voice.

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