Youth Building the Future will arrive in the USA to help fellow citizens: Marcelo Ebrard

Los Angeles.- The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubonreported that the Federal Government will start the program “Youth Building the Future” in the United States, benefiting young Mexicans living in the neighboring country.

On his first day of activities for the Summit of the Americas which is being held in the city of Los Angeles, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced the new actions of the Mexican government, informing that it will be this Friday when he meets with the compatriots to invite them to participate in the program.

“On Friday at nine in the morning, we are going to meet with the community, with a representation of our community there in The Angels to start this program. It’s just the starting signal,” she mentioned.

Likewise, Ebrard said that the government’s plan is to reach the largest number of states in the neighboring country, however, it will be California, one of the states with the largest Mexican community in the United States, where the actions will intensify.

“The objective, of course, is going to be to work in Los Angeles, California, and in the entire state of California, then we go to other states of the American Union, we will have to cover between 2022 and 2023 the largest number of states, where is the majority of the Mexican community. We are going to require your support, we need your help to do the census,” he added.

Marcelo Ebrard He trusted that the state government in California, headed by Democrat Gavin Newsom, would give a “good reception” to Mexico’s social program and said that they will invite private initiative there, including businessmen of Mexican origin.

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To do this, explained the secretary of state, the government will begin in the coming weeks by investing between 60 and 100 million pesos, a figure that will grow, depending on the progress of the program.

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