“Your failure is that size”: Ricardo Anaya criticizes AMLO for 100,000 deaths in his six-year term

Mexico.- The PAN Ricardo Anaya Cortes criticized President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) by crisis of violence which accumulates 100 thousand dead in his six-year term, even more so than in past governments that he criticized so much.

In a new video published this Monday on his Twitter account, Ricardo Anaya highlighted that in three years of government with AMLO, 100,000 dead Mexicans have accumulated, which is equivalent to an average 94 homicides daily.

The former PAN presidential candidate recalled how AMLO was alarmed by the 74 daily homicides of past governments, but the figures have increased with his own administration.

“Tragic irony: Do you remember when I said this? ‘It breaks my soul to know that there are 74 homicides a day'”, so he added in a sarcastic tone that AMLO must have a very “split” soul, having in his six-year term more dead than in the past.

“¡What departure must your soul have, Andrés Manuel! You shouted to the sky for 74 and today, with you, there are 94 daily homicides. That size is your failure“, said.

In this regard, Anaya criticized López Obrador’s controversial strategy against violence, “hugs, not bullets,” which he described as a “resounding failure” that has not been able to contain the violence in Mexico.

The PAN assures that the only results of AMLO’s strategy have been “dead citizens, released criminals and persecuted opponents,” recalling events such as the release of Ovidio Guzmán, son of “El Chapo” Guzmán, on October 17, 2019 in the “Culiacanazo”, an order that the president has claimed to have taken to prevent a massacre of innocents.

He admitted that although the problem of insecurity is not new in the country, it has worsened in the last three years with the AMLO government, for which Ricardo Anaya said “it will not be solved with little phrases or occurrences.”

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He said he was convinced that there is a solution to the problem of violence and insecurity, “but with a comprehensive strategy and a lot of tenacity and discipline in execution,” so he took the opportunity to promote his recently published book.


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