Young dies of cancer; doctors told him it was anxiety

United Kingdom.- A young man died of cancer at the age of 19 after having recounted his frustration, as doctors lost many opportunities to detect a large tumor in your chest, they told him it was anxiety in the UK.

Christopher Chaffey visited his GP 12 times and was even rushed to the hospital with chest pains after getting sick.

But, tragically, he was sent home each time and even referred to a psychiatrist for “anxiety.”

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Finally, Christopher was rushed to Castle Hill Hospital after he was will form a lump in the neck 15 months after the first symptoms appeared, but by then it was too late to save him.

Doctors told his family that he had an aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma and a massive tumor 4 pound on the chest. Unfortunately he died a week later.

Christopher’s brother, 30-year-old RAF gunner Michael Chaffey, is now running the London Marathon in his memory and to raise awareness of the cancer that killed him 13 years ago.

Michael was 17 when he lost Christopher, who once appeared on The X Factor, and says the loss has had a catastrophic impact on the family, from Coniston, East Yorkshire.

An investigation into his death ruled that he could have been saved if he had been diagnosed earlier.

Determined to make his brother proud and wanting to do something positive in his memory, Michael is now participating in the London Marathon next month, where he aims to raise £ 2,000 for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Now his brother runs marathons in his memory / Photo: Men Media

Michael, who works in the Royal Air Forces regiment, which is tasked with protecting air force bases, said he is “nervous” about the marathon, which will be his first, but will keep Christopher firmly at the forefront of his mind that day, to help him get through.

He said: “Everyone suffers some kind of grief at some point, but I am looking for positive ways to remember it and try to make it proud. I want to raise money but also awareness as it is a charity that is close to my heart.”

Mentioned that his family suffered a lot, the coroner said that there was a strong possibility that his brother would have been saved if he had been diagnosed the first time he mentioned the symptoms and that the chest pains began.

“He kept going to the doctors and they even put him in contact with a psychiatrist for anxiety.”

Michael, who has two sisters, added: “I’m not a great runner and the most I’ve run is 15 miles so I’ll have to dig into the day, but I’m sure the reason for running will catch me.” Until the end, I’ll be thinking about him. “

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