You have to tell the Angel’s head and weld Huitzilopochtli’s: Chief Diego proposes for removal of monuments

Mexico.- The former candidate for the presidency of Mexico, Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, proposed to cut off the head of the Angel of Independence in Paseo de la Reforma and weld that of Huitzilopochtli ironically for the removal of monuments in Mexico City.

Through his Twitter account, the also known Chief Diego He gave different proposals under the premise of “falsifying history”, indicating that the head of Diana the Huntress should also be replaced by that of the President of Mexico.

He also added that the morning conferences of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), should be held from Teotihuacán.

“If it is a question of falsifying History and playing with monuments, I propose that they cut off the head of the Angel of Independence and weld that of Huitzilopochtli, that the Diana be replaced with that of Tartufo and that the” morning women “be in Teotihuacán ”, wrote Fernández de Cevallos.

Diego Fernández de Cevallos / Twitter

Monuments removed

The politician and lawyer made this statement after the controversy broke out in recent days over the relocation of the statue of Christopher Columbus on Paseo de la Reforma after nearly a year of removing the monument for maintenance.

The Government of Mexico City, in charge of Claudia Sheinbuam, informed that the statue of Columbus will not return to Reforma Avenue, and in its place will be placed the stylized head of an Olmec woman, to recognize the greatness of the original communities in the country.

However, after a great controversy, the Government of Mexico City announced on Tuesday that it will not be the artist Pedro Reyes who will make the sculptural work of an indigenous woman that will replace the figure of Christopher Columbus on the emblematic Paseo de la Reforma.

“Regarding who is going to be or how the sculpture is going to be made, we have made the decision that we better put it in the hands of the Monuments Committee (…) of Mexico City,” said the head of government of the Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, without giving many more details.

He only gave a “thank you” to Pedro Reyes, about whom he assured that “it is likely that part of his work is in the city.”

Sheinbaum explained that it will be the Committee of Monuments and Artistic Works in Public Spaces of Mexico City (Comaep) who will decide in “the next few days or weeks” who will be in charge of carrying out the work of the indigenous woman, called “Tlali.”

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Subsequently, the Secretary of Culture of Mexico City pointed out that “Tlali” by Reyes has not been totally ruled out, but that the entire selection process will be endorsed by Comaep.

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