Yolanda Andrade and Salma Hayek are seen in a bikini with great summer bodies

Yolanda Andrade 50 years old, shared a photo with her great friend Salma Hayek, 55, of which very few of us were aware, because they were seen in a bikini causing a total stir, because for those who do not know, their friendship has several decades, so that the first took that image out of the trunk of memories.

In the publication you can see Yolanda Andrade and Salma Hayesk lying on a float, where at first glance you can see the bikinis she wears, although today it is very common to see the Hollywood actress continue to see her with these outfits, in Sinaloa we have rarely seen her like this.

“Friendship is the Most Beautiful Responsibility. #salmahayek #yolandandrade Let’s learn to choose the right people to accompany each other on this Journey of Life,” writes the beautiful Yolanda Andrade in the photo, who has always been a woman who is very loyal to the friendships that make her have surrounded for years, in this case Salma Hayek herself.

As if that were not enough, the reason for the photo is due to the fact that the two actresses, despite the time, the situations, but above all living in different parts, does not affect their friendship at all, so that said postcard was more than It is clear that they continue to get along very well, causing a stir among her fans who congratulated her on that.

“Of the most sincere friendships, not all of them are friends, but you are the perfect example of a true friendship, I love you”, “@yolandaamor I hope they have Salma as a guest again, but not on set, in another place and do one more interview with friends, blessed friendship”, “@yolandaamor the most beautiful girl in the world. Batteries with that Daniela on Sunday”, write the social networks.

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For those who do not know, Yolanda Andrade currently hosts the Montse&Joe program on Unicable, and on weekends we have seen her at the gala at La Casa de Los Famosos, where she has given her opinion about the strategies of each of the competitors who have generated controversy in its path.

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