Yolanda Andrade admits that she is no longer a friend of Kate del Castillo: “I was always there, she was not,” she says

Mexico. Yolanda andrade and Katel del Castillo They were very good friends, but that friendship is already part of the past, the first admits it in a talk she had with her colleagues in the program Montse and Joe.

Yolanda Andrade confessed that she no longer feels friend the actress Kate del Castillo, star of series such as La Reina del Sur; things changed between them, after twenty years of a solid friendship.

“We are no longer friends, I mean, such friends, because of the things one says. You have to be honest, there are friends who over time … “, Yolanda said, without concluding her comment because the program sent a commercial court.

Montserrat Oliver He detailed in the same broadcast that on some occasions together they all spent the national holidays at the home of Mr. Eric del Castillo, next to Kate del Castillo.

Some time ago, Kate del Castillo, Montserrat Oliver, Yolanda Andrade, Fabiola Campomanes and Roxana Castellanos formed a group of friends called Las lgartonas; together they lived together and traveled through different places.

Kate del Castillo. Photo from EFE

And during 2018, Yolanda had a meeting with the media in Mexico City and assured that Kate del Castillo was not by her side when she morally needed her as a friend.

“It affected me publicly. I considered her my friend, but at least I’m not going to be at the airport waiting for her. She didn’t lose anything, and as a friend she didn’t lose me, I was always there, but she wasn’t. “

It is worth mentioning that at no time and before any medium has Yolanda exposed the reasons why her friendship with Kate, who currently records La Reina del Sur 3, would have ended.

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