Yaquis demand the Government of Mexico the appearance of 10 members of the community

Sonora.- Members of the yaqui community in the state of Sonora They demonstrated demanding the Government of Mexico find 10 of its members who have been missing for two months, in addition to restoring security in the region.

Among the protesters were mothers, wives, children and friends of the disappeared. The march took place in the Loma de Bácum indigenous community but was also replicated in the Hermosillo city, capital of the state, where a contingent of the ethnic group protested at the University of Sonora.

This Tuesday, in his first press conference as Governor of the state, Alfonso Durazo, former secretary of Public Security of the Government of Mexico, promised to reinforce security in the territory of the eight Yaqui towns and assured that the search for the disappeared “is a priority” for the security cabinet.

“We are going to reinforce all the entities that participate in the search today and we hope to achieve good results. Because it is a complex issue, we are going to speak with the Yaqui authorities with whom I have the greatest interest in establishing communication as soon as possible,” said Durazo.

On July 14, the Mexican Army and the National Guard seized half a ton of methamphetamine, as well as chemical precursors in the vicinity of the Loma de Bácum community, Yaqui territory, and almost simultaneously the disappearance of seven indigenous people and three workers from ranches in the region.

The state president recalled that on September 28, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He will visit the indigenous authorities to officially sign the Justice Plan for the Yaqui People.

The plan seeks to dignify life in indigenous communities with health, education and land-use planning actions, in exchange for allowing the operation of public and private infrastructure in their territory.

Disappearance of yaquis

With the slogan, “Yaquis united, no more disappeared”, dozens of inhabitants of Loma de Bácum and relatives of the victims marched to the offices of the Public Ministry to demand justice.

The protesters, mostly women, wore hand-embroidered blankets with the names of the disappeared and their photographs; During the protest they sang traditional songs to ask for the well-being of their loved ones.

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In the protest, the relatives of the disappeared narrated that the victims went out to look for food and drinks to liven up the traditional festivities of the Virgen del Carmen that they celebrate every year from July 14 to 16 at the Bataconcica ranch.

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