Yanet García yells Long live Mexico! shedding her tight clothing

Yanet Garcia The 30-year-old decided to advance the National Holidays at an early hour and she appeared with nothing at all in a photo where only a hat covered her.

In the photo you can see the Mexican driver in what looks like a photography studio where she stripped off her clothes to look the most daring, attracting everyone’s attention.

But that was not all because Yanet García put a bit of glamor with some very high boots with which he further melted social networks as he always has.

“Long live Mexico beautiful”, “Long live Mexico, how beautiful you are,” “Now it would be worth the onlyfans”, “Look at nothing but miss that women live,” they write to the famous woman.

Yanet García decided to take everything off to celebrate Mexico / Instagram

For those who do not know, this type of calendar-type photos are invitations by the Monterrey woman for her followers to subscribe to her Only Fans account.

Although Yanet García has earned a lot of criticism for showing her body as God intended, for her it is a pride, because it was not easy to get where she is.

And the fact is that the actress has also been working for years, so many admire that discipline which she shows today with very good photos.

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