“Woman fighter”, Sylvia Pasquel and Michelle Salas honor the life of Silvia Pinal and celebrate her 90 years

The Pinal dynasty is of long tablecloths by the 90th birthday of his matriarch, the actress Silvia Pinal, one of the great stars of the call golden age of mexican cinema, the muse of the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel, model of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera for one of his most famous paintings, grandmother, mother, unconditional friend and much more.

Actress of film, theater and television Sylvia Pasquel, Silvia Pinal’s firstborn (“The last diva of Mexican cinema”), published on his Instagram profile a reel with several images with his mother, “happy birthday, precious mommy,” he said.

Sylvia Pasquel, the fruit of the marriage that “Doña Chivis” had with the actor and film director Rafael Banquells, said she felt very lucky and happy “that you are still with us, it is a joy to be able to hug you, kiss you and listen to your advice.” He thanked him for having given him life, for being his support and his great example. “Today and always I celebrate you my precious diva, I love you infinitely mom, happy 90 years”.

Sylvia Pasquel expressed all her love for her mother Silvia Pinal.

For its part the model and influencer Michelle Salas, described his great-grandmother Silvia Pinal like a fighting woman. “Today is the birthday of the queen of my heart,” he wrote next to a photograph that he published in the stories of his account on Instagram. “The one that teaches me every day that unconditional love exists.”

For Michelle Salas, Doña Silvia Pinal is her example of life: “a fighter, persevering, noble and loving woman. I thank God every day, for giving me the opportunity to have you with me, for many more years of laughter, anecdotes and unforgettable moments together , I love you from here to infinity”.

Remember that Michelle Salas is the daughter of singer Luis Miguel and actress Stephanie Salas (daughter of Sylvia Pasquel and the musician Micky Salas).

A few days ago the actress reappeared in the corridors of Televisa and in an interview for the program “Hoy”, she said she was the best: “happy, healthy, which is the most important thing, I was sick for a little time on the hip because I fell But it’s all over now, I’m fine, I feel very good and working, but (I’m going to celebrate my birthday) at my house, like this, nice, my family gets together, we’ve gotten together and that’s always grateful. “

About a special gift, Silvia Pinal He said: “Oh, many things! From something to eat to something to put on.”

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Michelle Salas has a great relationship with her great-grandmother Silvia Pinal.


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