Without raining, the power goes out in different neighborhoods of Culiacán, citizens denounce

Culiacán.- After announcing the day with higher heat When it reached 46 degrees Celsius, this Wednesday afternoon the cloudy sky began with winds that still did not rain, leaves several colonies without electrical power.

Residents of various neighborhoods denounced through social networks that the authorities of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE)they must prepare for these rainy times, because even and without them, the blackouts are starting to happen in many parts of the city.

Among the neighborhoods most affected by lack of electricity and constant blackouts in the city are Rincón Del Valle, Barrancos, La Pemex, San Rafael, Los Lirios, El Palmito, Cucas, Mezcales, Ciruelos, Lombardo Toledano, among others.

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Those affected call the CFE authorities to address this problem, because in addition to running out of power for hours they are affected by the loss of appliances, because due to blackouts, they end up not working.

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