Without crowds and virtually Emmett Soto gives his last Cry of Independence in Escuinapa

Sinaloa.- During the protocol of the 211th anniversary of thea Independence of Mexico, Emmett Soto Grave, mayor of Escuinapa He remembered the heroes who gave homeland and freedom to Mexicans, and added to the heroes of today those who have fought for two years against the Covid-19 pandemic, health workers, as well as any other vaccination arrived in our country.

With the responsibility of taking care of the public health of the people of Escuinapia and avoiding contagion of Covid-19, the mayor recalled the feat of the heroes of Mexican Independence going out to the balcony of the municipal palace and shouting the traditional “Viva México”, without large crowds , the act was only transmitted virtually to the people of Escuinapia.

The Covid-19 pandemic for the second consecutive year caused the suspension of national holidays, since the municipal authorities decided to carry out the 211 anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, with a civic event during the morning and at night, the protocol was carried out to remember the heroes of Independence with the traditional Scream, but in a restricted way and without large crowds.

The official ceremony of the Cry of Independence began at 9:00 p.m. on the outskirts of the municipal palace where municipal officials, aldermen and elements of the different emergency corporations were present.

The official escort made up of Municipal Transit agents delivered the flag to the municipal president, who, accompanied by his wife Liliana Canizales de Soto and their children, went to the balcony of the emblematic municipal palace.

Saúl Acosta Alemán, secretary of the City Council, was in charge of taking the microphone to give the historical review that framed the heroes of Independence, who gave homeland and freedom to Mexicans.

At the top of the municipal palace Soto Grave made his third cry of Independence, saying with a firm voice “Mexicans, Mexicans, long live the heroes who gave us homeland and freedom”, “Long live José María Morelos y Pavón”, “Long live Don Miguel Hidalgo” , “Long live Vicente Guerrero”, “Long live Aldama”, “Long live Mariano Matamoros”, “Long live Ignacio Allende”, “Long live Mariano Abasolo”, “Long live Leona Vicario”, “Long live José Ortiz de Domínguez”, “Long live National Independence.

“Long live intelligence and prudence to withstand the global crisis derived from Covid-19”, “Long live the vaccination against Covid-19 in Mexico”, “Long live the health workers”, “Long live Mexico”, “Long live Mexico” , “Viva Escuinapa”.

Finally the bells were heard as a signal of the call of the priest Miguel Hidalgo at the beginning of the fight for the Independence of Mexico.

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The municipal president waved the Mexican flag, while the Mexican national anthem was intoned and fireworks blazed at the top of the Escuinapa City Hall.

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