Withdraw complaint against Secretary of the Mazatlan City Council

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Complaint against the Town Clerk from Mazatlan, Edgar Gonzalez Zatarain, was withdrawn of the Internal Control Body, by the group of businessmen who singled him out for alleged inappropriate comments.

After the withdrawal of the complaint, the municipal body is still investigating a second complaint against the public servant.

Rafael Padilla Díaz, head of the OIC, commented that the dismissal of the lawsuit against González Zataráin, was presented days ago by legal representatives of the plaintiffs.

A document arrived where there is a dismissal as such, which was exercised based on a complaint that was previously filed with the Internal Control Body.

Padilla Díaz recalled that the complaint filed with the OIC was in relation to statements made by the Secretary of the City Council.

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The dismissal of the lawsuit, he asserted that it is a right of the complaining party, which is currently under analysis by the Internal Control Body so that all legal regulations are complied with.

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