With mariachi music and a delicious banquet, actress Silvia Pinal will celebrate her 90th birthday

Silvia Pinal, the call “Last diva of Mexican cinema“, celebrates its 90th birthday and since it is a very special date, the Pinal dynasty has prepared a fun celebration where the traditional music of the mariachi can not be missed. “My mother deserves everything,” said the singer Alejandra Guzman in an interview for the show “Todo para la mujer” with Maxine Woodside.

The also daughter of Enrique Guzmán, said that at the festejo for the 90 years of life of his mother Silvia PinalYour children and some very close friends will attend. The emblematic actress of the golden age of Mexican cinema, is passionate about mariachi, for which she will be delighted with vernacular music.

In addition, the banquet in honor of the Matriarch of the Pinal Dynasty, will be in charge of his son Luis Enrique: “we will celebrate on top, because she is my mother, my mother and she deserves everything.” Through their social networks, the relatives of “Doña Chivis” will be sharing this celebration.

Silvia Pinal managed to be one of the great lights of the golden age of mexican cinema, working alongside the idol of the town Pedro Infante. He also acted alongside Antonio Aguilar, Joaquín Pardavé, Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and many more. It also became one of the muses of the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel, one of the most distinguished personalities of Mexican television, the Mexican painter Diego Rivera immortalized her in a fascinating painting and much more.

A few days ago the actress reappeared in the corridors of Televisa and in an interview for the program “Hoy”, she said she was the best: “happy, healthy, which is the most important thing, I was sick for a little time on the hip because I fell But it’s all over now, I’m fine, I feel very good and working, but (I’m going to celebrate my birthday) at my house, like this, nice, my family gets together, we’ve gotten together and that’s always grateful. “

About a special gift, Silvia Pinal He said: “Oh, many things! From something to eat to something to put on.”

Also the actress, businesswoman, politician and television producer Silvia Pinal, showed his joy at returning to television, with a special participation in the series “Una familia de ten”, produced by comedian Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo; He also announced that next year he will return to the theater: “for me the most beautiful thing is to work.”

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