With little clothing, they say NO to the new Museum of Mummies of Guanajuato; “They were also people”

Guanajuato, Guanajuato.- A group of protesters gathered on the outskirts of the State Congress of Guanajuato to request the non-approval of the nearly 70 million pesos for the construction of a new Museum of the Momias and shopping center area.

It was the morning of this Monday that the protesters went to the entrance of Congress, some of them scantily clad, to demand respect for the mummies and other more urgent needs for the state such as greater security.

In this regard, Esteban Loya Mendoza, president of the Hidalgo market tenants, commented that Guanajuato do not require a new museum, what they are asking for is greater security and public services.

In addition, he warned that the current government of the capital of Guanajuato intends to build a large parking lot in this area of ​​the Embajadoras market.

“We cannot put our grandchildren into debt with a debt just so that a group of businessmen get richer and we are not talking only and exclusively about mummies, we, as merchants, are very worried because tomorrow will happen with Ambassadors, which already has 40 percent of the business unoccupied ”.

It should be noted that, in recent days, the project of the Guanajuato City Council, was criticized because with the 69 million 993 thousand pesos requested from the plenary session, he intends to build said Museum in a commercial plaza with 53 business premises.

For its part, Paloma Robles Lacayo, former director of the Museum of the Mummies of Guanajuato, stated that “this absurd project violates the human rights of the living history of the museum, which are the merchants of the periphery, but also against the dignity of our ancestors.”

Therefore, “we come to make it clear that those bodies were people and that is why we are naked, it is an act of exacerbation of sensitivity, empathy and solidarity against our ancestors,” he said.

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Today, Monday, the opinion approved in the Finance and Inspection Commission that, if approved, the protesters will go to the respective authorities to request protection, added Roble Lacayo.

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