With hopes! Guasave fishermen trust that shrimp catch will improve

Guasave, Sinaloa.- The president of the Federation of Fishing Cooperatives de Guasave reported that an improvement in the the sea, and despite the fact that only about seven tons were caught on the first day, which is little, compared to previous seasons.

Raúl Leal Félix commented that the fishermen will continue to work, since they hope to catch double the tons of what was obtained on Tuesday.

He stressed that at the beginning it did not paint a good season for the riparians in the capture of the crustacean, which is the most anticipated of the year, for that reason they were somewhat unmotivated, since many invested their savings to work, however, at the end of the day it was possible to capture the described tonnage, which has been an average of 10 kilos for each panga that went out into the bay.

“It is little, but for them it is a light at the end of the tunnel, because this production obtained clarifies a little the panorama for the rest of the season, since they know that it will improve, because they saw that there will be more shrimp catch during the same, “he indicated.

He revealed that being a job that completely depends on nature, the fishermen recognize that at the beginning of the season it was in the fourth moon phase, which means for them that they are low tides, but after this, they will increase significantly. this is why it is expected to exceed the starting goal.

“Yesterday we obtained around seven tons, which gives us an average of 10 kilos per panga, but let’s hope it goes up, we know that fishing is like that, one day we can catch more and others not so much, but the boys will continue going out ”, highlighted the fishing leader.

He explained that the production that was managed to capture at the start of the season is not much, as it was thought it would be, however, the investment that was generated from gasoline, nets, bait and necessary tools for each outing, was remunerated with what was captured .

He stated that each minimum panga spends around 10 thousand pesos for each exit, however, the cooperatives that have more pangas, 10 liters of fuel could reach 200 thousand pesos, which is a bit difficult to keep afloat, it is for This is why not all the boats will leave until they have a safe season for them.

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“I believe that today there should be a greater capture, we aspire that each day there will be more from now to 21 that it will already be a full moon, there will be more movement, it is a water purification, everything is recovered,” said Leal Félix .

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