With good expectations! Fishermen prepare to lift shrimp ban in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Given the proximity of lifting of shrimp ban in Sinaloa decreed by the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (Conapesca) for Tuesday September 14, the riparian sector of the state prepares for what could be a good season.

Juan Diego Medina Inzunza, president of the Altata-Ensenada del Pabellón fishing cooperative, explained that according to the shrimp sizes that have been observed in recent days and the amount of shrimp that have been seen, the expectation remains positive for the start of the shrimp fishing season, unlike last year in which the catches were not satisfactory for the center of the state.

He explained that since the date to start the capture work in the bays is close, the fishermen of the cooperatives that he represents are already in the final preparations, preparing their boats and repairing the details they may have to start without conflict.

“Right now we are almost the majority completing the list of boats already ready, there are some that are doing repair of their engines, and of the boats but we are ready,” he explained, since only in the federation to which it corresponds has More than 1,200 vessels that are already prepared to go out to catch shrimp on Tuesday of next week.

He recalled that during the past season and during the time that the shrimp ban lasted, the only support that was received was from the state government through the granting of resources for the inspection and surveillance program and marine engines, this then from the federal government already nothing is received, so starting anew to work will be a respite for the economy of the fishing sector.

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On the other hand, he recalled the uncertainty that remains due to the fact that the certification to export shrimp to the United States is not yet available, since the fishing season is required to start so that the verifiers of the neighboring country to the north verify the care work in the use of excluders of turtles in offshore vessels and return the certification to the country.

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