With austerity and protocols, Guasave lives the Cry of Independence

Sinaloa.- In an austere way and with little assistance, Guasave celebrated the 211st anniversary of Cry of Independence, the last of the current administration.

According to Civil Protection, around 350 people attended and there were no problems in complying with health protocols.

The event

From before 22:00 hours, officials and relatives of these, as well as people near the Municipal Palace, if they made an appointment to live closely the traditional Cry of Independence.

Before the event, the mariachi entertained the wait and sang Mexican songs that made those present sing.

It was the secretary of the commune, Gerardo Vargas Peñuelas who read the Act of Independence, and then gave the microphone to the mayor Aurelia Leal López, who waving the flag of Mexico shouted loudly: Mexicans Long live national independence! Long live the Heroes who gave us homeland! Long live the heroes who gave us freedom! Long live Hidalgo! Long live Allende! Long live Morelos! Long live Doña Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez! Long live Aldama! Long live the fraternity universal! Long live love to the next one! Long live democracy! Long live the native peoples! Long live Guasave! Long live Mexico! Long live Mexico! Long live Mexico!

Then the bells rang, which also led to the detonation of the pyrotechnics that lit up the sky for a few minutes.

Last scream

At the end, the mayor indicated that this is one of the most important dates of all Mexicans, in which everything that the heroes who gave us homeland should be highlighted.

When questioned about her feeling for being the last Cry of independence of her administration, the municipality said she was prepared for everything and stressed that they will leave a financially healthy municipality.

“We are people who always have our feet on the ground, we know what we were coming for and that we are now leaving, it is normal, I am prepared for everything; I believe that we are going to leave a healthy municipality financially speaking, we are going to leave a regulated, regulated municipality. “

He explained that the expense was minimal and although he said he did not have the exact figures, he considered that no more than 100,000 pesos were spent as last year.


Macario Gaxiola Castro, director of Civil Protection, pointed out that there were around 350 attendees, without any difficulties in complying with the sanitary measures.

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“What is seen of presence are approximately 350 people, practically only the officials and family members were considered, but there were also people who were on the shore and approached, but the measures were followed, they were mostly families and they all wore face masks.”

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