“With AMLO, the remedy is always worse than the disease”: Loret de Mola

Mexico.- The journalist Carlos Loret de Mola assured that with the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “the remedy is always worse than the disease“recalling some of the” blunders “that the head of the Federal Executive Power has made throughout almost three years of administration.

“Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed a historical transformation, but what we are seeing is a resounding failure,” declared the communicator of On the radio.

In your space on the platform “Latinus“Loret de Mola made a list with some of the decisions that President López Obrador has made on his way to try to fix what past six-year terms did, but” the remedy is failing us worse than the disease. “

“Under the argument of fighting the corruption of the past, the president cancels works started, cancels programs, funds disappears, deletes entire areas of the government with a stroke of the pen; promises to change for the better, but there are no improvements, “said the columnist of The universal.

The reporter acknowledged that in past governments there were many “bad practices”, however, instead of improving the areas of opportunity, the head of the Federal Executive “dynamites everything”, that is, he disappears it.

Among the decisions of the government of the Fourth Transformation criticized by Carlos Loret de Mola are the cancellation of the New International Airport of Mexico City (NAIM) for the “smallest and ugliest” Santa Lucia airport, as well as the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery, Tabasco, and the Maya Trend.

In addition to this, he remembered the fate of the presidential plane, which has not been sold or raffled nor used to transport Olympic athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as suggested by the workers’ government.

“The president has confessed it: his decisions are not based on studies, analyzes or diagnoses, but on his will and that, instead of ending the problems, accentuates them,” he said.

He stated that, when López Obrador decided to eliminate the “Popular insurance“and create the Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi), about 15 million Mexicans were left without access to health.

He also recalled the shortage of medicines, the creation of the National Guard (GN) to replace the Federal police and social programs that have not prevented poverty and extreme poverty from growing in Mexico.

In addition, he realized that, despite his promise to end the theft of hydrocarbons, to this day, the huachicol he is still present and, when he began the maneuvers of his fight, he left the Mexicans without gasoline.

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Finally, Loret de Mola stressed that the clearest example that the government of the Fourth Transformation comes out “worse the remedy than the disease” is Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), because despite the fact that billions of pesos have been invested in it, its rating has been falling more and more.

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