William Valdés leaves MasterChef Celebrity for not flavoring a pozole

William Valdés The 27-year-old was left with the desire to continue in MasterChef Celebrity and it is that a pozole took him out of the competition, because for the judges he was one of the worst, which worried the young man a lot.

Although William Valdés He excused himself that he had never made the famous Mexican dish, since he is of Cuban descent, the judges made him see that Alicia Machado is also from abroad and he did it well.

Well, this experience is over for me. Much to learn, since for the first time I saw myself on camera (since I don’t like it) an adventure that I will definitely learn a lot, the young man writes about his departure.

The most emotional thing when presenting the dish is that the host of Venga la Alegría began to cry when the chefs told him that the pozole did not taste like anything that is why he entered the tightrope.

But not only William Valdés was among the worst, Laura Zapata also left much to be desired with her dish, although the judges gave her another chance to continue.

The departure of the Cuban was surrounded by many compliments and also sadness because they considered that the young man should remain in the reality show where he had very good results.

It is worth mentioning that William Valdés said that Stephanie Salas will be the winner of the competition, as she believes she deserves it.


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