Wife and lawyer of Israel Vallarta attend the FGR after refusal to release by AMLO program

Mexico.- After it was announced that Israel Vallarta, accused of the crime of kidnapping, could not benefit from the decree of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the release of the prisoners, his wife Mary Sainz and his lawyer went to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to discuss the case of the alleged leader of the kidnap gang “The Zodiac“.

In the morning conference of the National Palace, when asked if Vallarta could be released with the amnesty promoted by the head of the Federal Executive Power for prisoners accused of minor crimes, who have been tortured, have health problems or have an advanced age , the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, stated that no, since, apart from the case known to the general public, He also faces another indictment for the same crime, that is, by kidnapping.

After spending about an hour at the FGR facilities with staff from the autonomous body, Sainz and the litigant left the place and reported that they had been received, although they chose, out of respect, not reveal the name of the person who attended them.

However, what they did reveal is that they did not receive a specific answer and that they will have to wait until they present the case in writing, as the FGR required it that way.

There was no specific answer, we will wait for it to be done in writing as requested and according to the law, it has to be done in terms of the eighth article of the Constitution, we hope that the Prosecutor’s Office will give us a favorable response and that we can finally obtain the freedom of Israel, “said the lawyer.

It also specified that the FGR’s reply will be given directly to Vallarta through a written document that will be sent to the Federal Center for Social Readaptation (Cefereso) 1 “The Altiplano“, located in the State of Mexico.

While Mary Sainz was confident in what was discussed in the congregation inside the facilities of the federal body, which is why she hopes that the authorities will give a positive response to the request made by Israel Vallarta, since she assured that her husband is innocent, so he can get out of jail.

“Tomorrow there will be 200 days of protest and evidence sit-in against the Judiciary, judges and court of consignment for all the arbitrariness and violations that Israel has suffered; I feel like fighting until my last breath for him“Sainz said.

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Israel Vallarta has requested that he be released by assuring that, at the time of his arrest after being accused by the Mexican government of belonging to the gang of kidnappers “Los Zodiaco” he would have been tortured.

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