Widow of Fernando del Solar wants to take the house of Cuernavaca from the children of Ingrid Coronado

Ingrid Coronado 48 years old, apparently it is on everyone’s lips at the moment, since he is in a dispute with Anna Ferro, now the widow of Fernando del Solar, since they are allegedly in a dispute after the death of the Argentine driver almost a month of having left this world.

It turns out that when Fernando del Solar got sick with cancer, both he and Ingrid Coronado made a trust so that the house they both bought in Cuernavaca several years ago would remain for the children of the actor and even the eldest son of the driver, who although he was not biological the Argentine loved him very much.

Although this had been legally arranged, Anna Ferro contacted those in charge of said trust, since apparently Fernando del Solar had told her that the daughter she had with her former partner in the past would be the owner of said house, so now the two women said house would be fighting.

It was on the program En Shock, where it was announced that Anna Ferro communicated with the people who did the alleged procedure and was surprised to find out that neither she, much less her daughter, were covered by any document when the communicator will be missing in this world.

“That house belongs to Fernando’s children, although he has finished with Ingrid, they both bought it, they agreed on the trust and he lived there without a theme, just enough for his children”, “That Ana Ferro is very bad whatever everyone Ingrid is a hard-working woman and she also paid for that house, it’s only fair that she stay for the 3 children of Ingrid and Fer”, “Well, Ana looks like a climber because you see that after 15 days she comes to call for a house … The mustias always come out alive,” write the networks.

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It is worth mentioning that Anna Ferro was at all times aware of the health of the Argentine, whom she had married a few months ago, but unfortunately death surprised the artist, who had left the show a long time ago.

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