Why? Central Sinaloa fishermen postpone lifting of shrimp ban

Sinaloa.- While the lifting of ban fishing of shrimp started in the area North of Sinaloa in the early hours of the morning, and in the southern state will begin this same day in the afternoon, at bays in the downtown area of the entity you can see hundreds of stopped boats, this because in a joint decision the fishing cooperatives decided postpone catches for not considering that the panorama favors them.

According to the information issued by the fishermen of Dautillos, Navolato, it was the decision of the federation of fishing cooperatives in the state to start the shrimp catches until September 17, this at the be guided by the behavior of the tides, which are currently unfavorable to carry out the activity.

It was a date of September 14 that was decided for the opening of the shrimp ban by the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries (Conapesca) for Sinaloa, however, the fishing sector of the central zone requested to start the first days of the month , which was not taken into account by federal authorities.

With only three days remaining until the date agreed by the cooperatives in the downtown area, the repair and aesthetic work of the boats can be seen, since from 5:00 in the morning the fishermen come to the shores of the bay to detail their boats.

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Where you can see sea workers polishing, painting, cleaning and repairing their engines for the expected start date of catches that will bring economic sustenance for their families after several months of closure of species.

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