Whoever accuses is obliged to prove: Silvano; on Twitter he goes against Bedolla

Morelia, Michoacán.- Direct accusations against Silvano Aureoles Conejo were made yesterday at the press conference given by the Governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla, where he assured that former Governor Aureoles and former Secretary of Education, Héctor Ayala, were behind the sale of teachers and shock groups of the CNTE.

Given this, today through Twitter, Silvano Aureoles He turned to the social network to leave a critical message to Bedolla, pointing out that he must prove what he says.

He also pointed out that the governor of Michoacán is not sufficiently informed, so he resorts to victimization instead of facing the problems he already has in the state.

«Whoever accuses is obliged to prove, it is a pity that the “governor” of #Michoacán is not well informed and prefers to victimize himself to do his job»Aureoles wrote on his Twitter account.

So now the former president asks Bedolla to show evidence of what was said yesterday at the press conference, where he assured that Silvano and his former secretary of education continue to manage groups of teachers who demand that their rights be recognized. appointments.

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Yesterday, during the press conference, Ramírez Bedolla directly pointed to Silvano and Héctor Ayala as those responsible for the problems that the Government of Michoacán has with the group of Base Power Section XVIII of the CNTE.

“The one who divided the CNTE into reds and blues was the past government, it was Silvanostill Héctor Ayala, former secretary of Public Education, coordinates, dominates, commands, is the boss of one of those expressionsBedolla said.

Who also pointed out that Ayala still has commitments with the leaders of Base Power that he could not fulfill during his administration in the government of Silvano Aureoles Conejo.

“He is the one who throws them a line, he is the one who is worried because maybe They already received the money for the sale of places and now they cannot give them, nor will they give themaccused Ramírez Bedolla during the press conference.

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