Who was Tom Fears, the first Mexican to reach the NFL?

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- In the history of the National Football League (NFL), Mexico It contemplates a respective number of different athletes who became part of any of the 32 franchises that comprise American football. USA, which began from the distant 1945, where the first Mexican to be selected within any of the rounds of the Draft was recognized.

During round 11 Thomas Jesse Fears was accepted by the Cleveland Rams, currently Los Angeles Rams after grabbing a prominent exhibit within the college team at the University of California, Los Angeles. It took him three years to debut (1948) and being an effective man on offense, he served as a wide receiver and tight end, until 1956, the year in which he ended his journey within the league. NFL.

Tom Fears waited three seasons to make his debut in the sport of tackling for a reason. it took three years for military service during the WWII era. He was originally drafted on offense but Rams coaches saw greater talent and intelligence in him to function on offense and he did not disappoint during the field.

He earned a career-high 77 sacks in 1949 and then set a new record with 84 catches in 1950, the year he received the Pro Bowl selection and was also selected on the NFL All-Pro team.

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Something that did cause controversy was his own name, because Tom Fears does not sound like a traditional one in our country, it was even believed that he was not Mexican by birth, however his native would be Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he was born on a distant December 3 from 1922.

His mother was Mexican and his father American, so much so that they decided to move to the city of Los Angeles, California when Tom was six years old. Their support helped him to consecrate himself for more than 9 seasons with the Rams, who in his retirement year became Head Coach, achieving the post of also being the first Mexican in this turn.

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He got a job as an assistant coach and later he arrived at HC, where the New Orleans Saints hired him, thus being the debut of the golds in the championship under the direction of the Aztec, however he had no better luck registering a losing record of 13- 34, but his file as the first to get that privilege is not taken away by anyone.

He also collaborated for two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles as offensive coordinator, before entering the Hall of Fame in 1970. He had great moments which began to be lost in his memory when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1994. Due to complications with this disease, he passed away. January 4, 2000, leaving a great legacy on his way through the NFL.


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