Who was Enrique Rocha, the villain who drew anger and tears on Mexican television?

Mexico.- This Sunday the sadness in the middle of the Mexican show continues, this due to the death of the actor Enrique Rocha, one of the most remembered villains of soap operas, this to his 81 years old; Oscar Espejel, one of his employees, confirmed it.

So far, the cause of death of this remembered actor has been revealed to us, but the family will later inform about it, after making the necessary decisions for the funeral and more to give him the last goodbye.

Who was Enrique Rocha, the great villain of soap operas?

With almost 60 years of artistic career, Enrique Rocha was a Mexican actor who had the opportunity to participate in important projects and forge a great career over the years, becoming one of the most recognized villains in Mexico.

Who was Enrique Rocha, the villain who drew anger and tears on Mexican television?

Also know as “Rochon“, Enrique started his career in the year 1965 in the telenovela La Mentira, an Ernesto Alonso production where he shared credits with stars like Julissa, Enrique Lizalde, and Fanny Cano.

He was one of the actors with the longest artistic career and the actor with the greatest number of antagonistic characters throughout his career, this because of his appearance and that thick voice for which many feared and remembered him. Rocha was a villain in soap operas such as: I buy that woman, Two women, a path, The privilege of loving, The ways of love, Rebel, Wild heart, A lucky family, True loves and I plead guilty.

Not only did he triumph in prominent Mexican soap operas, Rocha He also had the opportunity to venture into theater, film, series, and dubbing, for which reason he was one of the most important artists in Mexico and was awarded multiple awards for his impressive talent.

In the cinema he had participations in films such as Guadalajara in summer, A pure soul, Time to die, The demoniac, Santa, Forbidden, The infidels, Mission accomplished, First the dollar, Queen doll, Apolinar, Dying in the gulf, Serafin and the Dubbing of Bagheera in The Jungle Book, a Disney live action.

Inside the theater he had roles as Fyodor Dostoyevsky in White Nights and William Shakespeare in Hamlet. In series he participated in Lost Objects and Once upon a time as a narrator.

But it was in the soap operas where he achieved great success and received by the public, some of the titles in which he worked are: The lie, Toy world, Passion and power, Two women, a path, The privilege of loving, Serafín, A Christmas Carol, The ways of love, Rebelde, Lola, once upon a time, Summer of love, Wild heart, A lucky family, True loves and I plead guilty, the last being his last project, in 2018.

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Sadness returns to invade the entertainment world in Mexico, this with the death of the renowned actor Enrique Rocha at 81 years of age. Just a week ago the death of Octavio Ocaña, Benito Rivers de Vecinos, caused a commotion among the public, always remembering him as a child television icon.


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