Who represent us in times of Revelation?

On the first of September the work of the LXV Federal Legislature began, the popular representatives paraded through the Chamber of Deputies who will be in charge of representing, consulting, legislating and managing in favor of the Mexican population for the next three years.

Our country is going through a difficult time, the ravages that the pandemic continues to leave are challenges that legislators who recently protested and must ensure that the conditions in which we find ourselves improve in all areas, but with more urgency, in health, education and economy.

Sinaloa has 11 representatives in the lower house of the H. Congress of the Union, seven who were elected by a relative majority and four by the multi-member channel, of which eight are from Morena, Martha Arellano, Ana Ayala, Olegaria Carrazco, Manuel Chapman, Juan Torres, Yadira Marcos, Merary Villegas and Casimiro Zamora; Leobardo Alcántar and Jesús García, from the PT; and Paloma Sánchez, from the PRI.

Some of them have a double commitment because they once again received the trust of their voters when they were reelected, others have the opportunity to demonstrate why they decided to seek that space and fulfill their campaign promises. Although it is true, it will be their responsibility to make the changes to the law that are required to respond to the problems of the country, we as citizens have two very important ones: knowing our representatives and being vigilant in their work.

The participation of the people and their social responsibility are key so that the scars of a nation, obtained during and after a crisis, are healed and society advances in the search for the solution to the main problems that afflict us, that is why the importance of promptly following up on the decisions of our leaders and the actions of our legislators.

The deputies of this new legislature have an enormous task and a great challenge: to unite the Sinaloans in favor of the general interest of the state. Legislators must agree to fight for the budget that gives viability to projects that generate development and quality of life for all.

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