WhatsApp Plus 2022: benefits of the latest version of August 2022

Despite the fact that it is one more APK of the original app of MetaIt is true that WhatsApp Plus It offers many more advantages than disadvantages. In this note we will tell you the benefits of making use of this mod.

In recent days, the team behind the support and updates of the “plus” version of the WhatsApp app made available to its hundreds of thousands of users its version 21.10.0this being the newest of the modified application.

This new update, like its predecessors, fixes the bugs of previous versions, while also making available new functions that seek to improve the experience when using this APK.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Plus version 21.10.0?

One of the biggest advantages of WhatsApp Plus 21.10.0 is that you can select contact by contact who can see your read receiptsnot like in WhatsApp where it’s all or none.

Likewise, another benefit of making use of this popular mod is the fact that its emoji gallery is greater to that of the original instant messaging platform, so your conversations can be more lively and creative.

In addition to this, this modified platform allows the sending of multimedia files of up to 50 MB, which is not yet available in the Meta electronic application.

For its part, version 21.10.0 of WhatsApp Plus allows greater interface customizationso you can change the color of the app’s characteristic icon and change the font in conversations.

Added to all of the above, this mod offers exclusive functions for toxic and unfaithful peoplesuch as the possibility of placing a password on certain chats and, thereby, hiding them from the eyes of others.

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In addition, the platform makes it possible to modify the last time and for the double check to appear when a message is sent and not when it is viewed. Also, the “plus” version has a tool for the app to notify you every time your contacts open the app.

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