What to do if an earthquake occurs at dawn

Earthquake drills are carried out in case one occurs during the day, however, it is important to know and prepare when an earthquake occurs during the night or early morning so as not to be unprepared.

Families should be warned and prepared in case an earthquake occurs during the night or at dawn, so it is important to prepare before bed.

Have the keys to the main door at hand, so that it is not a reason to waste time looking for them in case you leave the home as soon as a seismic alert is activated.

It is important to disconnect non-essential electronic devices, as well as gas keys to avoid an accident during a strong or moderate earthquake.

Prepare an emergency backpack with a battery-powered flashlight in good condition, food for at least three days and enough liquids for each member of the family and the most important documents for each of them.

Leave a saucepan or a dish on the edge of a piece of furniture that is movable with any earthquake movement, so that it falls and can alert the family that there is an earthquake.

Leave some easy-to-wear shoes ready near the beds and a jacket or something warm that allows children to put it on easily and not have to waste time buttoning them.

Keep all cell phones charged, in addition to carrying a portable charger for the cell phones of the main family members in the emergency suitcase.

And above all, keep calm, in case of being in separate rooms, adults take the most essential and teach minors or older adults to prepare in the same way to leave the building together.

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