What pandemic? Saleswoman is caught on video inflating a cotton candy bag with her mouth in Mexico

Mexico.- Through TikTok the viral video of a saleswoman who removes her face mask circulates to blow into a cotton candy bag at a Torreón fair, without respecting the health measures against Covid-19.

Hygiene measures became stricter due to the pandemic, so if it is about food preparation, it is important to respect them, but a young woman exhibited a cotton candy saleswoman at a fair in Torreón, in Coahuila that went viral.

The woman is preparing the cotton candy and then placing it in a bag, that inflates with your mouth, something considered bad hygiene.

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The young woman wrote in her video: “I am very happy seeing how they make cotton candy until what …” says the video.

Social media users saw that the video on TikTok, everyone was surprised, so they recommended that they should order the cotton freshly made and without a bag to avoid eating bacteria.

Saleswoman inflates a cotton candy bag with her mouth


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