What is Wattpad and what is it for? The platform that will give money to its creators

Wattpad recently announced a beta program that will give money to its creator users, where they can win up to 25 thousand dollarsbut what is it?

What is Wattpad? Wattpad is a digital platform for reading and writing, where writers tell their stories, they can be published from blogs and articles, to poems, novels and literary works.

The platform published that it has opened a new section called “Creators”, which is in a public beta. Wattpad will annually support 3 thousand writers.

But supporting these writers won’t just be financial, the Creators Program seeks to give you access to marketing benefits, editorial support, and other writer-focused resources by partnering with the brand.

In order to qualify for this program, writers must have created and published a new part of a story in the last 3 months, have at least one complete story from a novel (50K words or more) in their catalog, and have no no pending trust and security violations.

To qualify in Wattpad Creators, writers must also have engaged readers for a minimum of 1 day. But, the number of engaged readers they should have varies by genre.

General Fiction is the genre that requires the highest number of engaged readers, with 9 thousand readers hooked on your stories. This is followed by Romance which needs 7,500 engaged readers, and Werewolf with 5,500.

The genres that require the fewest engaged readers are Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Horror, with only 100 engaged readers.

Gender # Engaged readers

General Fiction

9 mil
Romance 7 mil 500


Action 4mil

Teen Fiction



2 mil
Vampire mil
ChickLit mil




Fantasy mil

Historical Fiction

Paranormal 100

Science Fiction

Horror 100

People who sign up for this program and meet the criteria will receive a response within 30 days with a contract.

Once you qualify, have been contacted and sent your signed contract, you will have to wait another 6 months to join the program.

Previously, he would have launched the “Paid Stories” project in 2019, in which Wattpad paid more than 3 million dollars to writers on its platform. With the new program, he is looking to spend $2.6 million on writers this year.

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