What good fishing! Instead of shrimp came out pure garbage …

There were no flags, decorations, or parades on the occasion of Independence in our town, the atmosphere feels sad.

Our culture in terms of cleanliness is on the ground, we are a fourth world country, garbage floods us, it is everywhere, the Ecoloco fits us like a glove.

It rains in Culiacán and everywhere, and what a surprise, we are flooded! Well, of course, if we take advantage of the situation to throw what is not useful to the street, that the current of the water carries away the garbage and that the sewers are clogged .

When we arrive at a fishing field, the first image we perceive is of garbage, garbage thrown by the roads and paths, dirt everywhere, that gives courage and impotence. Ball of pigs!

The sea, not to mention, the bags with waste float all over the coast, the fisherman is dirty, and easily gets rid of his waste by throwing it into the water, and instead of shrimp, the cast net catches, only garbage.

Like a mole in the sky, in the Reforma Angostura last Wednesday a contest for “Fishing for plastics” was held, it was of little use, since there were no arms and boats to rescue tons of garbage that floats in the bay. One day, we were going fishing in the bay of Castillo, suddenly our engine cut out, and we thought it was something mechanical. Nothing of that! A plastic bag got stuck in the cooling water intake which caused the failure … And that happens every so often, thanks to the fact that we are just filthy, very filthy … What a hard blow!

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