What are the winter sports practiced in Mexico

Mexico is not a country where they are usually practiced winter sports, especially due to the absence of snow in much of the national territory. Added to this is the lack of infrastructure such as ice rinks with the official dimensions for Olympic competitions.

In this scenario, few athletes compete at the international level in winter sports, although there have been some notable cases. The most recent of Donovan Carrillowho went on to the final in figure skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Winter sports practiced in Mexico

Historically, there are 5 winter disciplines that can be practiced in Mexico, two on snow and three more on ice. In the case of the first two, they are alpine skiing and snowboardfor whose practice there is only one conditioned station, which is located in the Sierra de Arteaga in Coahuila.

Chihuahua is also a state that has a lot of snowfall in winter, despite which these sports have not been able to consolidate due to lack of support. There are other states where they could be practiced like Durango or Baja Californiadespite not having facilities for it.

In Mexico, it is not possible to practice other types of skiing such as Nordic combined, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing and acrobatic skiing. The country was represented in cross-country skiing at Beijing 2022 thanks to Jonathan Sotobut because the athlete lives in Minneapolis, where he has the right conditions to practice.

As for sports on ice, in Mexico the figure skatingice hockey and curlingthe latter being the newest since its federation was only inaugurated in 2017, although only Mexico City has adequate facilities for its practice.

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While in the case of the other two ice sports, they are practiced in different states. In the case of hockey, at the university level there are several institutions that have their representative teams. In 2011, the Mexican U20 National Team won the world championship of the discipline.

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