What a stink! The stench of the Jabalines stream, in Mazatlán, makes the neighbors sick

Sinaloa.- Annoyed and desperate are the population from colonia Jacarandas, in Mazatlan, well they can’t stand the foul smells that gives off the Jabalines stream.

The complaints

Victoria Robles commented that at night the stenches become unbearable because they release the discharge from the gully.

According to the neighbors, they have always had this conflict, but since the rains that were registered after the passage of Hurricane Nora, the bad smells have been constant.

“I think we are getting used to the bad smells, it is always the same problem here, and at night it is worse, we have to dine with the door closed and anyway it smells very ugly,” said Victoria Robles.

The fear

Mothers fear stomach infections, especially in children and adults. Some neighbors have suffered headaches from inhaling the stenches.

Although it has already been reported to the authorities, they have not had a response and the conflict does not end. Another problem suffered by the inhabitants of the Jacarandas is pollution.

The exhortation

They assure that neighbors from different neighborhoods come to dump all kinds of garbage, from black bags, rubble, mattresses and even dead animals. They estimate that this is another reason why the stream is polluted.

The families request the support of the municipal authorities. They want surveillance to be carried out, especially at night, because it is the time when they throw out the most garbage, and that fines are applied.

They also request the intervention of Jumapam to check the gully and the stream is no longer contaminated.

The data

The risk

Neighbors assured that due to the contamination of the Jabalines stream, they no longer see as many animals as before. They commented that there were even fish. Until yesterday only a few birds were seen.

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After the stream overflowed in the past rains after Hurricane Nora, families fear it will happen again. That is why they are attentive to the rainstorm and thus avoid any mishap.

They go by helicopter for a woman to the Sierra de San Ignacio, Sinaloa


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