“We arrived at 4 in the morning and there was already a lot of line”: They get up early for the Wellbeing Scholarships in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- From very early on, people from the municipality of Ahome went to the Banco del Bienestar, located in Leyva and Serdán in the city of Los Mochis, to collect the Wellness Scholarships.

There were people who got up early to be among the first to be attended, but the situation became slower than they thought, as they were attending to people in groups of 50.

“We got here at 4 in the morning and there was already a lot of line. Yesterday I came at 2 in the afternoon, but I was no longer there, and that is that I did not know that they were giving the scholarships,” said Mrs. Zeneyda Valenzuela, from the Bagojo del Río community, who came to collect the basic education scholarships for their grandchildren. It was 10:30 am and she was still waiting to be seen.

In the place were many people, mainly grandmothers who were going to collect this support for their grandchildren.

Carmen Alicia Rodríguez is another grandmother who arrived at 8:00 am from the Goritos de Los Rodríguez community to receive the scholarship for her grandchildren.

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They stated that they still do not know how much is the amount they would be receiving this time.
The wait for people queuing has become desperate due to the intense heat that is registered today.

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