We are looking for people who are well valued! AMLO supports Quirino Ordaz as Ambassador to Spain

Mexico City.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), supported the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, like the new Ambassador of Mexico in Spain, ensuring that he has done a good job as state agent.

AMLO revealed in his morning lecture that he is inviting the Federal government to officials who have played a good role from their posts and who have a good appreciation from the citizens, after the recent integration of Adán Augusto López, former governor of Tabasco, into the Ministry of the Interior, and the proposal of Quirino Ordaz for the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

“I am inviting leaders, public servants of all parties, seeking to be people who are well valued after they end their government, for example I invited them to present themselves and request the approval of Spain and of course complying with the procedure For the Senate to approve it, we want Quirino Ordaz to be Mexico’s ambassador to Spain ”, AMLO mentioned in La Mañanera.

Andres Manuel recognized that the decision to appoint Quirino Ordaz as Ambassador to Spain He annoyed the opposition, however he assured that inviting him to work on the Fourth Transformation is not synonymous with abandoning his membership in the PRI, the party that made him become governor of Sinaloa.

The president reported that by joining the Federal Government, the ideologies of the officials are respected, so they are not forced to resign from their parties despite the differences.

“They got very angry, I don’t know why, because he is not going to represent a party, he is not going to renounce his membership, we are not asking him as a condition that he renounces his freedoms, that is immoral, unworthy, everyone can have their way of thinking, their beliefs, “said the president.

in addition AMLO He assured that the “representation of Mexico abroad does not have to do with parties, it is a representation of the Mexican State.”

Finally, the Chief Executive acknowledged that diplomatic relations with Spain are not at their best, so he confirmed his confidence in Quirino Ordaz to help mend ties between the two nations.

Will continue to invite officials

AMLO reiterated the plan to continue with the invitation to the Federal Government to officials who complete their positions, recalling the recent invitation of Antonio Echeverría, governor of Nayarit.

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The president once again recognized Echeverría’s work in the State Government, ensuring that he managed to reduce insecurity in Nayarit.


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