“We are already overflowing with water,” said manager of Jumapam in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- Today “we are already overflowing with water”, all the colonies already have the vital liquid, assured the general manager of the Municipal Board of Drinking Water and Sewerage from Mazatlán (Jumapam), Luis Gerardo Núñez Gutiérrez.

He reiterated that the infrastructure of the Water Board was in optimal condition after Nora’s passage, but the damage was to Conagua by damaging the channel through which the parastatal sends the liquid to Jumapam, but already millimeters of water from left Nora did not affect the infrastructure of the Jumapam, the impact was on Conagua, the canal from which the water is sent to the canal from which the parastatal sends to the Water Board.

A small repair was made to be able to give water to the 188 thousand users of Mazatlán and work is being done to leave the canal as it was.

The official highlighted that the Los Horcones water treatment plant is generating 1,900 liters per second. While in Miravalles it is 550 liters per second.

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He added that it was verified that water reaches all the colonies. The service is already as before the Nora storm, it is true that some households continue to fill the water tanks, drums and batteries since they were several days without the vital liquid. Although they already have water, the population is recommended to continue optimizing the liquid.

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