Water procession and mass on the island of Lake Chapala, Jalisco, with the image of the Virgin of Zapopan

Guadalajara Jalisco. – Con at least 40 boatsthe image of the Virgin of Zapopan toured Lake Chapala this Monday to reach the island of Los Alacranes where offered a mass and the fishermen gave away fried mojarras to the parishioners.

As tradition marks, since 1955, the Catholic image considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, arrives in the municipality of Chapala so that the next day it is taken to the island of the Alacranes where it is asked that the rain continue to fall and keep to the lake.

The image was carried by priests from the parish of San Francisco de Asis after the first of three masses, after nine in the morning, to later arrive at the beach where boatmen already had the “Chapala” destined, adorned with flowers and fabrics.

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The boat ride lasted 20 minutes one way to the islandthere the image was uploaded again while they cheered his arrival at the place that has restaurants and is a fishing area for boatmen from other riverside municipalities.

A mass was held there while the fishermen prepared the fried mojarras in three saucepans fueled by the fire of the gas tanks that were placed on the shores of the south side of Lake Chapalacontrary to the municipality that is visible on the north face of the island.

After the mass, the image was left outside the chapel built in her honor, since next to it there is another dedicated to the Marian invocation of Guadalupe, where those present could touch the acrylic and even take pictures with the original copy of the image. Pilgrim Virgin.

The banquet began, while the fried mojarras were distributed in a row that lasted several minutes, until people were satisfied with eating and even repeated portions of dishes that accompanied with red sauce, tortillas and lemon.

The procession returned to Chapala where at noon the celebration for the farewell of the Virgin of Zapopan was held with another mass, so that, according to the program, at four o’clock it would return to the municipality of the Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara.

The celebrations that began on Sunday and culminated this Monday, are held from 67 years ago when the inhabitants of the feared that a drought would disappear to what is considered the largest lake in Mexico.

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