Watch out! The first weekend there was social overflow especially of children under 12 years old

Yes, no. Even the protagonists are more than messed up and clarification after statement. But since hope is the last to die, the two of them had to wait until the end. The matter is that with the information of the resolution that the Regional Chamber of the Judicial Power of the Federation gave yesterday, for a moment Gloria Urías was happy but Aurelia Leal jumped, because a few days after the Guasavense received the evidence already from the State Council Electoral, she appeared on the TEPJF list, although later they said that by mistake, again the indigenous woman from El Fuerte and not her within the 16 pluri councils. Yesterday, the Guasavense had to clarify that it is she who should have appeared and they even offered her apologies for having named Gloría Urías. So look at what a mess.

To Congress. And the one who says that he is more than ready to be a deputy for Morena before the Sinaloa Congress once the records and the results were given, even that they had gone to court, is Professor José Manuel Luque Rojas. Although he goes for the party in power, the former students and teachers of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa of the Los Mochis Unit consider that he will be a real legislator. Now yes, even not seeing is not believing. With what many others disappointed when they came to power by forgetting what a true deputy is, his friends even say that they hope he will do a good job. We will see.

Now yes. The one who says that now all the offices of the Ahome City Council are ready with the necessary documentation to start the delivery-reception process on October 1 is Juan Francisco Fierro Gaxiola. He said that they already have the inventories to comply with this requirement established by law in which they are going to deliver all the information to the elected authorities. He even expressed that he is not concerned because there is a lot of human capital in the City Council to be able to attend the transition. I would have said what contained the white packages that were taken and removed from the Palace on the orders of Billy Chapman!

Watch out! Due to the fact that the first weekend there was a social overflow, especially of children under 12 years of age in shops, squares and restaurants and other spaces, the municipality could reverse the recent measures by allowing them in restaurants and squares. Francisco Espinoza Valverde, director of Municipal Health, assured yesterday that there could even be some closures of establishments. They accept that the measures were given only at the request of the merchants and restaurateurs of Los Mochis, but if the protocols are not met, back again. Imagine, if the Secretary of Health in the state, Efrén Encinas, said that Sinaloa could turn green at the epidemiological traffic light. So if you see personnel from Civil Protection, Municipal Health or Inspection and Regulations, water!

Barbarians. It is striking that Carlos Rodríguez Ponce, director of Public Safety and Municipal Transit of Ahome, says that there were no events to regret on September 15, but what about the person who died on the railing? The issue is that it says that despite the mobility in the city and rural area of ​​the municipality during the night of the Cry of Independence, no major incident was recorded, but that it is a shame that they had to intervene in some private meetings making invitations to comply sanitary provisions. What happens then?

Without covid. After the closure of a basic level school in the municipality of Navolato due to coronavirus on Wednesday, Theira Martha Gómez Ramos, Director of Education in Ahome, assured that there is no record of any school with positive cases of covid-19 here. However, if at the moment a covid situation is detected in a teacher, children or mayors, they will be sent home. School will be closed. So be careful because minors under 12 were given access to shops, squares, restaurants, among other spaces, and they report that they were crowded. We will see.


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