War in Chihuahua: Hitmen and military clash in Nuevo Casas Grandes; there are 3 dead

Chihuahua.- At dawn this Monday there was a strong confrontation when a gang of military were on patrol and were shot at by hitmen alleged members of the criminal group ‘La Línea’, in New Big Houses, Chihuahua.

During the confrontation one military and two hitmen died, the latter were identified as RRG, 25 years old, and ESA, 24 years old.

In addition, two gunmen were arrested and the rest escaped from the scene, elements of the Mexican Army secured three vehicles, a Tahoe, a Hummer and a Volkswagen Vento.

As well as bulletproof vests, three weapons, and kvlar helmets, among other tactical equipment.

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The men who were detained were presented before the Public Ministry, to continue with the legal procedures.

They attack with bullets to man in front of the City council of Culiacán


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