“Vulgar provocation of a drunk woman”: ambassador in Turkey responds to claims for including AMLO in Grito

Istanbul.- After the controversy that broke out because the Mexican ambassador to Turkey, Isabel Arvide Limón, threw a “Long live López Obrador“at the ceremony of Cry of Independence, the consul explained that it was due to the “vulgar provocation of a drunkard.”

Isabel Arvide performed the traditional Cry of Independence from Istanbul, Turkey, but it caused surprise by including President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) among the harangues of the national heroes.

In the video broadcast on social networks, you can see how some people express their rejection, but above all, a woman who approaches the Mexican consul to claim her exalted for mentioning AMLO in the Grito stands out.

“That is not done … I respect him but he does not go there … Mexico is not López Obrador,” the annoyed woman is heard shouting.

What did Isabel Arvide say?

Faced with the controversy in social networks, Isabel Arvide thanked the samples of support she has received, ensuring that many Mexican families joined the “Viva López Obrador”, and that the woman’s claim was a “vulgar provocation of a drunkard.”

“I am embraced by the words of gratitude, of friendship, of many Mexican families who applauded and shouted cheers with me. The rest is a vulgar provocation of a drunk. There is no room for half measures … “, he wrote in response to Arturo Abreu.

Image: Twitter screenshot

In another tweet, Arvide Limón revealed that the woman who claimed him during the ceremony goes by the name of Gabriela Cano, and a year ago he asked for a job without success.

He also said that said woman was responsible for editing and filtering the audios of Turkish employees on networks, which shows that this person already had a record against the Mexican ambassador.

“The woman who screamed, who confronted hotel security personnel and Consulate officials, is called Gabriela Cano. She asked me for a job a year ago without success. She is responsible for editing and filtering the audios of Turkish employees. So or more sure ????? “, he detailed.

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However, many users on social networks agree that it was not appropriate to include President López Obrador in the harangues of the Cry of Independence, since that would be putting him on the same level as independence heroes such as Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos.

Ambassador of Mexico in Turkey launches controversial speech dedicated to AMLO


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