Vocation! Marine fight to save doggy’s life after collapse of “Chiquihuite”, Edomex

Mexico.- A video was broadcast on social networks where you can see an element of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) fighting to save the life of a puppy after the breakdown of the Cerro del Chiquihuite in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico.

Last Friday, September 10, pieces of Cerro Chiquihuite fell off, causing 3 houses to collapse. a person died and 4 more will be missing.

On Saturday afternoon, a video was circulated in which it is appreciated that a rescue element of the Navy makes every effort to offer assistance maneuvers to a puppy that had rescued from the stones and the mud.

The canine was recovered during the support work given by the members of the Team TO USE (Urban Search and Rescue), Urban Search and Rescue of the Mexican Navy Secretariat (Semar), which are helping to rescue the victims of the “Chiquihuite” detachment, State of Mexico.

The sailor, without hesitation, placed the dog on a blanket on the floor and began to give him first aid; between RCP and the mouth-to-mouth breathing, the federal agent was trying to revive the mammal.

In the video you can see how, for a few minutes, the sailor makes every effort to bring back the pet amidst the spirits pronounced by a woman who, moments later, is asked to remain silent.

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Unfortunately, after the passage of about 10 minutes, the puppy ends by lose life before the impotence of the element of the Armed Forces, who remains silent after realizing the total loss of vital signs.

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