Vizcarra considers that the country is doing well

The pulse of Jesus Vizcarra. Undoubtedly one of the most important businessmen in the country, and a character whose political opinion weighs heavily in Sinaloa, Jesús Vizcarra speaks fluently non-stop about the national economic situation. He considers that the country is doing well, despite the problems of the pandemic. Productive activities have not slowed down, and despite adversity progress is being made. Today, says Vizcarra, there is a better distribution of wealth. Those who need it most receive support and maintain the consumption of products. And yes, there is an increase in prices, but it would be worse if those who need it most were not receiving support. Those who complain are the richest. And he laughs: It is that they are not generating profits as before. “You already know me – he tells this reporter-… That’s how I am directly”. Jesús Vizcarra is also actively participating in the call launched by President López Obrador to support the prices of the products of the basic basket, and whatever is needed. Tomorrow we continue on what Jesús Vizcarra came to do in Mazatlan.

Sowing confusion, who benefits? 21 days after the ominous crime of fellow journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez, what the federal and state governments are doing is creating confusion around the investigations into the case. It is not the first time that the Sinaloa prosecutor Sara Bruna Quiñonez has had to answer and specify the Federal Security Secretariat. The latter, on two occasions, has assured that Luis Enrique’s murderers have already been identified, and yesterday she added that arrest warrants have already been issued against him. The State Prosecutor clarified that there are no such arrest warrants and that there are four lines of investigation in process. Who to believe? Why sow doubts? Who are they trying to benefit or protect? Governor Rubén Rocha Moya will go down in history because a journalist was assassinated during his administration. The same thing happened to Quirino Ordaz with the murder of Javier Valdez. The same as with Malova with the murder of Humberto Millán, by the way, never clarified.

They believe that Rocha is delusional. The director of Promotur Alfonso Reséndiz, exhibited for traveling on a private flight to Acapulco, tries to deceive or perhaps believes that Governor Rubén Rocha Moya does not know what is done in a Tourist Tianguis. In something that seems like an attempt at explanation, Reséndiz published that he was exploring at the Tianguis to attract sports tourism to Sinaloa. He mentions meetings with characters, information that he crossed. What he does not know, or ignores, is that in a Tianguis the appointments are to land what has already been negotiated by wholesalers and they do it with hoteliers. In trying to defend him to justify himself he sinks.

The following. The mayor of Mazatlán Luis Guillermo Benítez already knows what gender violence is. That took him to court with the complaint filed by the former prosecutor Elsa Bojórquez. He now did the same with his former partner Gabriela Peña Chico, and there are also serious complaints against the Chemist that the ASE is already investigating.

Alarm in the port. Armed assailants on motorcycles are sowing fear among the population. They assaulted people in Infonavit Playas. Also in Plaza Acaya. Operatives that give results are urgently needed.

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