Vitol revealed the names of the corrupt Pemex workers and will proceed: AMLO

Mexico.- AMLO announced that Vitol already reported who the corrupt Pemex workers werewhich accepted bribes from said company to access millionaire contracts with the Mexican oil company, for which he said that legal proceedings will be taken.

At the morning conference on May 19, 2022, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that the Dutch oil company that seeks to repair the damage caused by the bribes to Pemex employeesfinally revealed the names.

However, the President López Obrador did not disclose the namesas he assured that he only superficially saw the list on May 18, 2022.

Although he did reveal that it was Pemex employees who worked in the international areawhich allowed them to have direct contact with foreign companies seeking to establish contracts with the Mexican oil company.

“I have good news for you, they already gave the names. Until yesterday I still found out, nor could I tell them, because I didn’t see anything else. They already gave the names,” he said. AMLO sobre Vitol.

According to what was reported by President López Obrador, it seems that none of those involved in the bribes with Vitol are currently working, and that the last one would have left the ranks of Pemex in 2019, a year after the president of Mexico took office.

“It is going to proceed”, AMLO advanced about the people involved in the bribes with Vitol, according to the information revealed by the company itself.

He recalled that his government did not accept the reparation of the damage that Vitol proposed to Pemex for the bribes that it admitted in a trial in the United States, because they did not want to reveal the names of the workers involved.

“Vitol, it was easy for them, because they fixed it in the United States, they paid in the United States, (….) then they came to us to tell us we are going to repair the damage, we are going to pay them for the damage, if we accept them, but who were they? those who extorted, those who received the Moches? “explained AMLO,

“I take this opportunity to thank those of Vitol, because they made that decision, it seems that it is an important company in the oil sector and that they have an ethical attitude, in the end that was what prevailed, I think they are from the Netherlands,” he added. AMLO.

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Finally, President López Obrador declared that in the next few days the names of those involved in Pemex with the bribes with Vitol will be announced.

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