Visits to the Lola Beltrán museum in El Rosario, Sinaloa increase

El Rosario, Sinaloa.- The maximum interpreter of Mexican regional music Lola Beltran remains alive and in the memory of the people of Rosario, who gladly receive visitors to transmit the rich history and culture that this interpreter inherited to the municipality of El Rosario, Sinaloa.

Manuel Hurtado Mendosa, in charge of the Lola Beltran Museum He commented that since the beginning of the current administration they have given priority to promoting culture and with it the activities that promote the history that prevails in the museums that exist in the municipality.

“The Lola Beltrán museum has been given another turn that had not been given in other administrations, which is to use the auditorium for different events, conferences, book presentations and the Arts festival, a strategy that has worked a lot for attract many visitors.

He explained that currently temporary exhibition is being used where it is already scheduled for the whole year, exhibitions of paintings that last from two to three months. It started with the Magic Towns Festivalthe works of Professor Gómez are currently being exhibited, and they are already on the agenda until December.

“We have registered an increase in visits, mainly from regional tourism, we are visited a lot from Mazatlán, Culiacán, Los Mochis,” he pointed out.

Hurtado Mendoza took the opportunity to extend the invitation for them to visit the Lola Beltrán museum where they would find the story of the greatest performer of vernacular music, who was an icon of Mexican regional music, who visited important international stages and sang to her former presidents of Mexico and the United States.

In the museum you can find the music of Lola Beltrán, her wardrobe that she used in her most successful presentations at a national and international level, as well as her story that is proudly transmitted to visitors.

In the exhibition of temporary paintings there are works from different parts of Mexico and the world such as Colombia, Argentina and Spain.

He mentioned that they are already working with relatives of Lola Beltrán to see if the museography can be changed as well as new costumes that allow the renovation of this space dedicated to the maximum interpreter of vernacular music in Mexico and who was of Rosarense origin.

The main objective of the museums is to educate the new generations, which is why they are working on a project that allows guided tours by different educational establishments for the next school year.

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The municipal official said that it is also contemplated to launch a museum project in the communities to hold an exhibition of photographs of Lola Beltrán, as well as to publicize her music.

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