VIRAL VIDEO. Best friends keep promise and get married after serving 10 years single

Ecuador.- Are promises to be fulfilled? A young Ecuadorian couple did not hesitate to fulfill the pact they made by getting married after having spent 10 years and still single.

The case went viral on social networks. Genesis and Giovannitwo young people from Ecuador who, after having spent 10 years without being engaged to a sentimental partner, fulfilled the promise they made to each other when they were just 15 years old.

in your account TikTok (genesiscueva2), Genesis Cueva shared a video where he explained how he ended up getting engaged to who, until then, had been his best friend for several years.

“It all started in 2008, when I just entered school and I sat near the door, that’s when I saw him come in with his friends and from there I asked my friend for her name because I thought it was cute, and she replied that her name was Giovanni”, narrated the tiktoker in the viral clip.

After she asked for his name, the two were introduced and, from that moment on, a great friendship began until they became best friends each other.

“After several weeks we became very good friends, we went out to recess together, we ate together, we went up and down always together,” said Genesis.

Everything was going well in their best friend relationship until she decided make him “jealous”so she started dating another young man, although the love story ended badly, to which Cueva decided to “comfort” herself with Giovanni, but as time went by, that relationship also ended up breaking down, a situation that worsened when she followed academic paths separated.

“I went to shed my tears with my little friend where he advised me, pampered me, took care of me in everything, but since we went to fifth grade our relationship went downhill, after he started going out with a girl,” he said.

It was not until they were both studying at university that they met again and resumed their friendship. After ending the relationship he had with another person, Genesis decided, first, to take some time and start sending hints to her best friend, although he didn’t get them, so she thought he never liked her that way.

Then, a year later, before the start of the covid-19 pandemic, they saw each other again and Genesis confessed his feelings to Giovanni, something that took the young man by surprise, who was left speechless. Some time later it was he who looked for her and confessed that what had prevented him from reciprocating was the fear he felt of losing her.

“At two in the morning Giovanni calls me and asked me to leave my house to talk, in his car he confessed to me that he liked me but that he was afraid of losing me,” he said.

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After spending time in a formal relationship and living together, both made the decision to get engaged, thus fulfilling the promise they made to marry if they were still single in 10 years.

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