Villicaña Torres is appointed secretary of the Guasave commune, Sinaloa

Guasave, Sinaloa.- An extraordinary council session was held to publicize who would take the position of Secretary of the Guasave Town Hall after the resignation of Gerardo Peñuelas Vargas who held that position.

It is Julio Iván Villicaña who will occupy the position as secretary and will be in charge of fulfilling the functions of the time remaining to the present administration.


The municipal president in turn, Evangelina Llanes Carreón, proposed to the plenary session the appointment of the lawyer Julio Iván Villicaña Torres to occupy the position of secretary of the Guasave City Council.

Because there were no participations in the proposal, Llanes Carreón took the turn to express that the lawyer Villicaña Torres is a person who has been working hand in hand with the administration and who knows a lot about the issues that exist in the administrative period.

“He is a very loyal person, a person who has legally carried out the City Council’s work and is an impeccable person who has really supported us a lot in the administration so far,” stressed the interim mayor.


The new secretary of the City Council shared a speech after the official protest took place.

He thanked the mayor for the trust and for having made the proposal and at the council for having unanimously approved his appointment.

“I am aware of the administration’s situation, I am aware of the laws and regulations that govern it, including the main obligations of the commune secretary, so I consider that I am totally drenched,” stressed the new secretary.

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The civil servant made the commitment to give everything of him to make a good closing of administration, because there are few days until the current government concludes its administration.


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