Viewers demand the departure of Laura G from VLA after “reckless comments”

Mexico.- This Thursday the name of the Mexican driver became a trend Laura G after the most recent broadcast of Venga la Alegría, a space in which he made a series of statements that have generated great discontent among viewers.

While talking about Exatlón MéxicoLaura gave her opinion on the performance that the athletes have had During this season and what he expressed was not at all to the liking of viewers, who did not hesitate to refer to the subject on social networks.

In the section of Exatlón México All Star, Laura G commented together with Macky González and Ricardo Casares on the performance that the athletes of the red team have had so far, at which time the controversy arose.

Without remaining silent, Laura G assured that Mati Alvarezthe champion of three editions of Exatlón México, has only been complaining about different circumstances, but that was not all, it also opened the possibility that she exaggerates injuries to benefit in some way.

This immediately caused great anger among the fans of the program, who made the song “Out Laura G” go viral, expressing their disagreement with the statements made by the host and now they are seeking to remove her from VLA.

Many Internet users assured that the only thing Laura is looking for is to generate controversy and give something to talk about, but they disapproved that she questions the professionalism of an athlete as important as Mati is.

Now Internet users demand get Laura G out of Venga la Alegría due to their bad behaviors. It should be noted that this is not the first time that the driver’s dismissal has been sought, since she has been involved in different controversies due to her attitude, her personality and her “reckless” comments.

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