VIDEO. Young reporter is run over LIVE during her first day of work

Virginia.- A cold night like many was close to ending in tragedy for reporter Tori Yorgey of the chain WSAZ-TV in Virginia, United States, after a driver hit her during a live link on her first day on the job.

The moment was broadcast on social networks to highlight the strong reaction of the journalist, because after the accident she took the microphone to continue with the report no matter what. the vehicle apparently knocked him down.

Tori Yorgey was on the streets of Dunbar about to start the live broadcast for the local news, when a truck approached at moderate speed, tried to turn and inexplicably ran over the young reporter.

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The news that she was about to give was about a broken water pipe, a fact that went to the background in the professional’s mind, who still fearfully continued the link explaining that it was not the first time it had happened to her.

“Oh my God! I was hit by a car, but I’m fine,” said the victim in an attempt to keep the situation under control, without much success of the above, she repeated that she is fine and stressed that a car had hit her.

“I was hit in just the same way by a car when I was in college,” she said.

The presenter of the program questioned where the body had hit the car, with an indifferent attitude about what happened, however, the journalist said she did not know where and assumed the blame for the accident by placing the camera in an inappropriate place.

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“My whole life flashed before my eyes, I thought I was in a safe place, but clearly we might need to move the camera around a bit.”

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